Zen Blades Mobile Knife Sharpening

At home sharpening preperations:
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If you've arranged for me to come to your location for sharpening, please read the following:

1. As mentioned before, my "come to you" minimum is 15 knives or more (no tools or scissors).  My minimum charge is $105.

 2. All knives should be ready for sharpening at least one hour to our scheduled appointment. Once I arrive and receive your knives no others will be accepted.  All knives are done in one batch at one time.

3. All knives should be clean and ideally on a baking sheet with a towel underneath the knives.

4. Payment is by cash or check for the exact amount (unless tipping) and due upon completion. 

5. Rates are based on blade length (from the tip of the knife to where it enters the handle): $7 for blade lengths under 5 inches, $10 for blade lengths 5 inches and up.  Multi-blade pocket knives will be billed by the number of blades sharpened.

6. Serrated knives are $10 regardless of length.  Please note micro serrated blades (think Cutco & Ginzu) cannot be sharpened, only improved.  Regular serrated knives are fine.

7. Once I begin sharpening I ask not to be disturbed.  Any questions should be asked before I begin.


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