Zen Blades Mobile Knife Sharpening

At home sharpening preperations:
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If you've arranged for me to come to your location for sharpening, please read the following:

1. As mentioned before, my "come to you" minimum is 15 to 20 knives (depending on your location) or more (no tools or scissors).  My minimum charge is $150.

 2. All knives should be ready for sharpening at least one hour to our scheduled appointment. Once I arrive and receive your knives no others will be accepted.  All knives are done in one batch at one time.

3. All knives should be clean and ideally on a baking sheet with a towel underneath the knives.

4. Payment is by cash or check for the exact amount (unless tipping) and due upon completion. 

5. Rates are $10 per knife.  Multi-blade pocket knives will be billed by the number of blades sharpened.

6. Serrated knives are $10 regardless of length.  Please note micro serrated blades (think Cutco & Ginzu) cannot be sharpened, only improved.  Regular serrated knives are fine.

7. Once I begin sharpening I ask not to be disturbed.  Any questions should be asked before I begin.


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