Zen Blades Mobile Knife Sharpening

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Kitchen Knife Sharpening Service by Mail

Ship Blades To:


Zen Blades
8340 S.W. 152nd Ave.
Beaverton, Oregon 97007 

To keep my prices low, I currently only accept cash or check.  For now, that also means you have to arrange to send your knives to me "round trip" through your local UPS store or similar carrier.  

Please Include the following:
1. Your complete contact information: (Name, address, phone number, email address)
2. Information about your knives: (how many, what condition, any special issues)
3. A check written out to Zen Blades for a total based on $7.00 per knives under 5", $10.00 for knives 5" & up. (gratuities are instant Karma for you!), pocket knives are charged by the number of blades sharpened.  I do NOT sharpen scissors or garden tools - or ceramic blades.
4. A paid UPS (or other carrier) return shipment label or stamp.  If no "pre-paid" return shipping 
     arrangements are made, I will send them back to you C.O.D. - (but that will cost you more!) 


When packaging knives, please carefully wrap or cover each blades in a towel or heavy paper - taped, tied or other wise secured so they won't stick through the package and hurt somebody.  If you need help, ask your local UPS or mail outlet. 

If I find rust or damage (that you haven't written me about) I will automatically do my best to repair it - OR - I will inform you of my options (provided you send me your contact information).  If you have a broken tip and want it re-ground - tell me.  Bent blades don't always straighten up nicely.  If asked I will do my best, but based on the amount of metal fatigue it may break in which case I would simple re-profile the knife to it's next best contour - but - that is your choice if you ask me to try and unbend it.  The point is... you tell me what (ideally) you'd like me to accomplish with your knife - I'll do my best to make it happen!!