Zen Blades Mobile Knife Sharpening

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Where to find Zen Blades Knife Sharpening Service

Sadly the pandemic claimed the life of the Oregon Culinary Institute, my regular roost.  So at this time I don't have a regular weekday knife drop off site.  I'll be working on that moving forward and hope to have a new post here soon.
...however, I also do all the sharpening for all the locally owned Kitchen Kaboodle stores.  Just drop your knives off at any of their 4 stores and get them back in a week (drop off by Tuesday afternoon for Friday or Saturday pickup).  

My love of food and my complete devotion to the spirit and culture of the Oregon Culinary Institute fires the spirit that drives my quest for culinary perfection... or better yet.. "Culinary Zen". Perfect food, perfect knives.. perfect happiness!  Makes you smile.. yes?  That's Really my goal!   Email or call me and we can work it out.
or woody@zenblades.com 

Sunday - ah come on... give me a break will ya! 
If you REALLY need me, email or call me and I'll do my very best to meet you.  But if you're calling, please invite your friends or neighbors to join in - makes my gas bill seem lighter. 15 knives or more brings me your way!