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Providing Bob Kramers legendary 7 step sharpening technique in Portland and by Mail since 2007!


  Mobile to you if you have 15 knives or more to sharpen (often folks will pair up with friends or neighbors to make that happen).  Prior scheduling required.


  Drop them off at any Kitchen Kaboodle store - which is really a perfect choice as you can look around all their other kitchen goodies & gadgets.. 


  As the pandemic subsides I will probably have one or two locations around town (near the restaurants I service) that I'll make sharpening available by appointment while in the area.  You'd drop your knives off and pick them up usually within the hour. 


Prices based on blade length (from the tip of the knife to where it enters the handle)


                $7 for blade lengths under 5 inches

                $10 for blade lengths 5 inches and up

          (Cash or check for the exact amount only.  However tips will certainly bring you good Karma! )



I do NOT sharpen scissors or garden tools.  I DO sharpen serrated knives provided they aren't micro-serrated (think Ginzu & some Cutco) though they can be "improved" in many cases

Pocket knives are billed at the same blade length pricing but per each blade requested for sharpening  

I can fix most chipped edges and some bent blades, but metal stress varies among knives so I'd need to see it first.  Additional fee's may apply

If I'm coming to you (based on 15 knives or more) I will email you instructions prior to my visit. 

  Feel free to contact me by phone, text or email - I'll get back to you as soon as I can





**I do NOT take knife deliveries or pick ups from my home address, it s for mail ins only.** 



Welcome!  I'm Woody Bailey, owner and operator of Zen Blades.  It is my mission to improve your cooking experience by bringing your kitchen knives up to their sharpest possible edges.  My "Where to Find me" page is intended to be up to date weekly, the odds are high that I may have forgotten to do so - so easiest way to find me is to call or email me.  Anyway - thanks for checking out my site.  Enjoy!

the Zen Blades mobile knife sharpening van
Mobile knife sharpening workshop

Every blade has its own identity and purpose - just like its owner.  To truly sharpen it requires both an understanding of the blades purpose and a process of sharpening that brings the blade to its optimum geometry - the optimum edge.  Years ago Master Blade Smith (and former chef) Bob Kramer (creator of todays most coveted hand made culinary knives and my teacher..) set out across the country in search of the "perfect" sharpening technique.  His search was extensive, and in the end very successful.  For years Bob sharpened blades for Seattle's finest eateries from a mobile "work shop" much like mine.  Eventually he went on to learn how to forge knives and after allot of hard work and study earned the rare title of Master Blade Smith.  **CHECK OUT THE NOVEMBER'08 ISSUE OF THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE FOR A COMPREHENSIVE ARTICLE ON BOB KRAMER!!**   OR... best yet... go to YouTube and search for "Bob Kramer CBS".  FANTASTIC INTERVIEW!!!
  After attending and eventually working for two culinary schools , I became very familiar with sharpening knives.  This quickly became a passion for me that through careful research (and shear luck) lead me to Bob Kramer.  After many long phone conversations and shared enthusiasm Bob offered to teach me his method of sharpening.  It's taken some time and effort, but Zen Blades is now ready to bring the Kramer method to you.  This method starts with thought and examination, and ends with an edge that is superior to anything else out there.   I am very happy to bring you Portland's ONLY seven step sharpening process!  Best yet, with a quick lesson on knife care and a couple simple maintenance tricks, your knives will stay "wicked sharp" for at least 6 months - probably up to a year!   That's what a knife sharpening service should be all about - making you and your knives as happy as possible for as long as possible.  Hopefully you'll let me show you what I mean.

Currently we're cash or check only
$7 for blades under 5 inches, $10 for knives 5 inches & up.

Zen Blades Knife Sharpening Service

Our Hours
Monday - Friday
From when I start until about the time I finish.